Car Hire in Spain

car-hire-spainWhen long tiring working hours and tough daily routines start to get to you, when you start feeling lethargic, weary, and cranky all the time, it means that it is time for a vacation.

Where many would want to sit back and relax on the pool side others would want to work on their tan on a sea shore. Some, however, would love to go meet new people, fall in love, take pictures, get drifted in the glory of the history and enjoy an entirely different culture, order something from the menu they don’t understand and head out for long walks on roads they don’t know.

This is what traveling is all about. Exploring the new possibilities and new horizons and all of this becomes extremely easy if you don’t have to put yourself in the hassle of hiring a cab every time you head out to a new destination. It is best if you have a car at your service all the time.

If you are looking for culture, great food, rich history amazing music, sightseeing and landscape then Spain is the country you should be in. The beauty and the glory that Spain is, it has no parallels.

For this purpose car hiring services comes in handy. It is almost similar to the experience you would have if you are renting a car in your country. It is simple, hassle free and quite not that difficult if you go for an accommodating and helping dealer. From here onwards this will be your guide on car hiring in Spain.

Hiring a Car in Spain

You don’t need to have an additional degree to be able to get yourself accustomed to car hiring and rental solutions in Spain. All you need is a little guidance and a good dealer to get yourself a good ride. Although it wouldn’t be economical to rent a car but it is still a better option than travelling by bus or rent a cab every time you head out. It will not be convenient either.

Also if you want to really enjoy the spirit of travelling in Spain the key is –Spontaneity.  To be able to explore destinations like Barcelona, Cordoba, Seville and Granada you would really need a car to be able to do so to the maximum.

Prices of Car Hiring

Prices of car hiring in Spain have become much like air fares. The car dealers have now adopted a trend for a better business. There is no specific fare for the car hiring. Probably the fares you had last year when you visited in January – February wouldn’t be nearly the same this year in July- August.

At peak of the season the prices can be expected to hike. To be able to save a few extra bucks here are tips that you would need while renting a car.

  • Book at least a month in advance. If you wait to get a car booked for yourself until the last minute the chances are you might even have to pay double than usual.

  • Pay in advance; if not full pay some amount in advance so in case there is a situation of overbooking, they will hold the car for you.

  • The fancy cars are the first to get booked so if you book a bit bigger cars it will be spacious enough to carry all of you at once, if you are travelling with family.

Fuel Policy in Spain

There is no particular fuel policy when you are on the road in Spain officially for the hired car users. Following quick reviews on the service might be of help for the first timers.

  • Credit card/Debit cards are accepted at all fuel stations.

  • 24/7 automatic fuel stations do not accept cards.

  • It is legal to carry fuel in bottles or cans in your ride with you.

Fuel Policy by the Car Dealers

Most of the car dealers have different fuel policy.

  • Full/Empty Fuel Policy:

For this policy the car dealers will charge you for petrol and provides you a full tank. If you return the car with any amount of fuel left the money will not be refunded. You have to empty the tank before returning the car.

  • Full/Full Fuel Policy:

This seems like a best policy for the travelers because you don’t have to pay for the fuel to the dealers and it saves you extra cash. The dealer provides you a full tank and then you have to return him the car with a full tank.

Popular Destination in Spain


On the bank of Andalusia is situated the dreamy city of Seville. The Isla de la Cartuja, Alcazar and the Cathedral of Seville are of the few of the many popular destinations to travel to and if you have time Plaza de Espana and Teatro de La Maestranza shouldn’t be missed.


The great city of Madrid has am individuality to it. It is fast paced and yet serene with the aura of the city compelling you to absorb more and more of the city in you.  The tourist destinations are going to take you by surprise some of the must-see destinations are:

  • Plaza Colon

  • Parque Del Buen Retiro

  • Puerta De Alcala

  • Palacio Real

  • Museo Reina Sofia

  • Temple of Debod


Cordoba has a lot to offer than just tourist destination. Every nook and corner of this city tells a story.
These are the few places that you shouldn’t miss going to.

  • Great Mosque of Cordoba

  • Calleja de las Flores

  • Plaza del Potro

  • Puerta del Puente

  • Cordoba san Pedro

Spain Road Rules:

Driving rules are pretty much everywhere the same, except for a few specifications. Here are few tips that will come in handy for you to familiarize yourself with the driving and road rules to be followed in Spain.

  • In Spain, they have a right hand rule. You have to drive on your right.

  • Keep 2 EU authorized warning triangles.

  • Wearing seatbelt is a must.

  • Headlights must be functional and used in case of fog or poor daylight.

  • Indicator must be sued at all times.

  • Must carry all the important papers of the car.

  • Your identification should be on you. (Passport, License etc)

  • Give way to the ambulances and cyclist.

  • Keep a reflective jacket with you and wear it when you are outside the car.

Penalties & Fines:

In Spain if you have the local driving license than you will be fined or rewarded according to a penalty point system. But if you have an international license the rules are pretty much the same.

  • There is a fix fine ranging from €37 to €3370 depending upon the nature of misdemeanor.

  • Speeding can cost you up to €75 to €120 and more

  • If you are found dunk driving your license can be confiscated for as long as 4 years as a penalty.

  • Reckless driving can also result in dismissal of your driving license for 6 months to 1 year.

Speed Limit:

On most of the roads the speed limit is defined on the sign board but in case there isn’t any road sign than the speed limits are pre defined:

Urban/Metropolitan/Downtown: 50 km per hour

Rural/Agrarian areas: 90 km per hour

Expressway: 120km per hour